Business Design Projects

The Business Design projects are structural interventions which change the business structurally.  The projects are based on the specific needs of the organization and include holistic reference architectures and deeper transformations in specific domains of the business. The sprints are based on the Simple Business Design framework however are fully customised to the needs and culture of the organization.

Your Outcomes

The projects are scoped and executed with a focus on value and engaging your organization to take full ownership for the outcomes…

  • Clarity about the scope and impact of the change and exactly what needs to shift to make a lasting impact.
  • Confidence about the way of working within the project to ensure the individuals learn and grow in the process.
  • Control through the ongoing dialogue about risks and changes to adapt the approach as necessary.

The Journey

The Business Design Projects are scoped based on the individual needs of the organisation, and these can include starting with a principles-based Reference Architecture based on the Simple Business Design framework.  This gives a tangible format in which to engage the organization in a holistic manner to achieve the desired outcomes.

Projects are approach from a collaborative and coaching perspective, which is the best way to ensure the people within the organisation remain in control of the situation and are able to ensure the benefits are achieved and lasting.

Your Investment

The investment in time and money for a Business Design Project vary based on the complexity and depth of the transformation.


Over the past couple of years Chris has helped me to transform and improve our IT and project organisation. His human approach to challenge and coach everyone to grow through simplicity is super refreshing and effective.

Jonas Tornquist
Chief Operating Officer

Frequently reflecting on your company is a must for every entrepreneur, but often falls short due to everyday challenges. Working with the simple business canvas of ebullient was an easy entrance to straighten and refresh my thoughts on my changing business environment. It is both a simple and a confronting process, though insightful and powerful. I’m convinced that it will accelerate your business as well.  You will love the way Chris leads you through the process. He has the ability to ask the right questions at the right time and provides a trusted and fun atmosphere to get the best output for you, your team and your customers.

Lars Falch

I hereby would like to fully and unconditionally recommend Chris Parker, as an executive Coach. He has been pivotal in helping me grow and remain solid, in the fundamental transformation of our “Enablers Network” Community.  Chris is one of those very rare people capable of mastering the three levers of Logos (intellectual brilliance, thought leadership, and a rare intelligence), Ethos (behaviors, manners, ethics) and Pathos (Values and emotions) with rare success.  Far from the “Teflon Coach” model that we see too often, he is capable, whilst pushing his own ego and needs to the side, to be fully there for you, challenge and support you and disagree when he thinks your intellectual integrity is at risk.  Chris has a rare skill in coaching or being an agile “sparring-partner”.

Didier Marlier
Managing Partner

I am delighted to write this recommendation for Chris Parker, a remarkable individual whose influence and guidance have been pivotal to our success.

Whenever we faced challenges that seemed insurmountable, Chris’s positive demeanor and unwavering support inspired confidence in each of us, empowering us to face the hurdles ahead and push for that extra mile. His problem-solving skills and exceptional leadership had an immeasurable impact on our team’s growth and development, laying the very foundation upon which our company stands today. We are indebted to him for his countless contributions.

Mohamed Elmasry

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