Our Community of Experts

“Family, friends, community – these are the sources of the greatest love and joy we experience as humans…” – David Suzuki

The expert community of Ebullient Business Designers shares a passion for simplicity.  We bring our networks and expertise together to bring more joy and meaning in the workplace through the pursuit of simplicity.  The people of the network collaborate on creating frameworks, facilitating sprints and delivering projects.

Chris Parker

Chris Parker is the founder and facilitator of Ebullient Business Designers.  His purpose is to create more joy and meaning in the workplace through the disciplined pursuit of simplicity.  He is an experienced technology executive, leadership advisor and film producer.

Chris created the Simple Business Design framework, the original Simplicity Sprint and Toolkit and is a collaborator on the Sustainability Business Design framework and Sprint.

Jessica van Beek

Besides helping companies to find the right person for whatever role they are in need of. Jessica is also a beekeeper at Bijenbaas and Bijzaak. Since she started learning more about bees, she got curious about how to connect the two businesses she is involved in. Curious as she is, always wants to connect things, sustainability is now a topic she can’t let go of. That is how Jessica is finding out, together with companies, how sustainability can be a real part of the business strategy.

Jessica is a collaborator on the Sustainability Business Design framework and Sprint.

Simon Brod

A veteran of the energy and process industries, Simon Brod has worked in engineering, production operations, commodities trading, contract negotiation, strategy, and venture building. He has held leadership positions in multinational companies and was part of the team that created Powerpeers Connect, the software behind the world’s largest energy community. Simon brings his unique blend of systems thinking, industry expertise, and empathy, to bring clarity in complex situations and find solutions that work for all stakeholders. He founded Circulus Works to help businesses become more sustainable.

Simon is a collaborator on the Sustainability Business Design framework and Sprint.

Wim Lubbersen

Wim is a certified management consultant with a background in business economics and organisational change. After working for leading companies like KPMG and PA Consulting he now works as an independent consultant. His key area of expertise is business design and IT-related business transformation. Wim lives in South Africa and combines his consulting work with owning and running a small boutique B&B close to Cape Town.

Wim is a collaborator on the Sustainability Business Design framework and Sprint.

Enablers Network

The Enablers Network is a dynamic community of professionals with the skills to self-organise and solve your most complex organisational challenges. The Enablers work intimately with their clients to create truly courageous, intelligent and visionary paths towards sustainability. They teach and believe in a different way of leading – more human, more humble and more effective in inspiring and motivating people. Their purpose is to deeply transform individuals and organisations.

Purpose Alliance

Purpose Alliance is a not-for-profit organization focused on inspiring people to unlock their potential by making everyone aware they are extraordinary and providing them with the mindset and toolkit to make an impact


OpenExO is a Global Transformation Ecosystem, which connects world-class professionals, helping organizations, institutions and people to transform and unlock abundance to change the world.

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