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podcast guest preparation

The audience of Everyday Entrepreneurs Everywhere are exactly that – regular people that are growing and building a business to sustain their lifestyle of choice.

This means we will have a broad audience of generalists, so not only corporate specialists or executives.

The types of people we love to have on the podcast as guests are a) entrepreneurs themselves and b) have something valuable to offer the audience. is championing tips, tricks and thinking that can help people accelerate their business success through simplicity.

preparation checklist

  1. read this page completely and let me know if you have any questions,
  2. Read the interview questions below and have some idea of what you might answer (we don’t have to follow the script exactly, so feel free to answer what you would like to share!),
  3. schedule a time and place for the interview where you will have an hour of peace and quiet (here is the link to schedule the time:,
  4. provide your profile photo, bio text, and any other details you would like us to put on the podcast page (services you might provide and how can people contact you),
  5. optionally, download the Simplicity Scan and go through it at a basic level for your own business, so you know the framework of the discussion (fill it out and send it in advance if you would like us to draw from your answers to enrich the discussion, but this is not required),
  6. after the recording, please send us links to anything you mention that we should include in the show notes!

interview questions

The interview questions are based on the Simplicity Scan, so a basic awareness of that helps.  Chris will already introduce you, but you will have a moment to expand in question one.

  1. Who are you, what do you do, and why?
    • Great chance for you to position yourself!  Please focus on your purpose – what drives you?
  2. How do you maintain focus on what is most important for your business?
    • Think about focus on the right purpose, customer, product, and experience.
  3. How do you ensure your business continues to grow?
    • Think about strategic plan, monitoring and measuring, market and branding.
  4. How do you continuously deliver efficiently and effectively?
    • Think about people, data, tooling and processes.
  5. How do you manage your own personal energy to keep moving forward?
    • Think about mindset, deciding which actions to do, and how to manage risks.
  6. What is something which has really helped you simplify your life of business?
    • Think about ‘smart cuts’, productivity tools, some hard decision making, books, experts, frameworks, or whatever!
  7. How can people get in touch with you?
    • Your time to close with a reminder of what you might be able to do for the audience and any call to action.

bio information

Please copy the below and send me your answers to [email protected]:

  • Name:
  • Title:
  • Email:
  • Personal Biography: (At least 2-3 sentences)
  • Business Description: (at least 2-3 sentences)
  • Any social accounts you would like to share:
  • Any contact websites or other information you would like to share:
  • Headshot photograph, prefer square if possible (will use Linkedin photo if not provided).

podcast format

The podcast is an interview format, where your host (Chris Parker) will ask you a series of questions and have some discussion based on what you offer up.  We would love to hear some stories about your experience and perspective.

We will do the interview using ZOOM, so we will record VIDEO and SOUND.  The video will be used on platforms such as Youtube, and the audio will be published on various podcast platforms.

Our style is to record the interview in one go, so there will be no editing.  This means there there might be some background noise or other interruptions.  If something crazy happens, we can always edit it out, but the goal is to let it flow naturally.

As there are only a few questions, we aim to have the interview last 30 minutes exactly, as these will be included on Campus Party.   If we go over, I might say something in the middle about ending, and then we can continue if we want, and then edit it around a bit.


When the release date for your edition is known, we will let you know.  We will publicise through our social channels, and it would be great if you could make a plan to push it as well.

We will have a page on per edition, and would love to include on that page your profile photo and bio, as well as any other information such as what services do you offer and how can the audience find you.

If you have a book, and it matches one of the areas of the Simplicity Scan, then we would also love to highlight the book with a review post.  In that case, it would be powerful to get a quote statement or paragraph about how your message and the Simple Business Canvas work together.

practical preparation

As we will use Zoom, with video, please take a shower!  No, really, just dress like you normally do for a business video and try to make your background free of distractions.

If you have any alerts or alarms on your computer, please disable them, as there is NOTHING more annoying than beeps going off all the time during a video or podcast!

A best practice is to have your computer connected via a wired connection, to avoid any wifi issues, but that isn’t always possible.

Let us know if you have any questions or need any further support!

thank you!

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