eva pascual

awareness advisor – earth

release date: 5 september 2020


Expert in human and animal perception.Putting passion and global awareness in service of light speed evolution.

Background in developing content for social engineer campaigns, brand engagement and impactful marketing tours.

For designing she uses knowledge from new physics, mindfulness, ancient wisdom, indigenous protocols, natural medicines, and conflict dissolving strategies. Capable of drawing the source of the illusion of separation, and how memory is not for perceiving, as is the skin the organ to perceive resonance.

Making graphic expressions of the gears of thinking and deeper perceptions in: virtual reality, diagrams, entertainment, policies and educational content. For supporting the perceptive change to unification.

Inspiring representatives, policy makers, educators and media, to implement realistic perception and acknowledgment of vibrational frequency as standard. ‘Humans think with references, so they need visual examples to recover presence that allows intelligent acts based in global perception’.

Agency of Awareness Content for supporting evolution in unions, corporations, policy making and education.
Using evolved physics, nature patterns, auric proportion, order frequencies, and close loop restoration.

To normalise global perception by presence people need visual examples, so designers create multiple ways to implement deeper awareness of unification, for the users to feel inspired.

Love is Law supports an impactful legacy by creating references of the unified and holographic paradigm. For creating an imprint in users perception Love is Law creates unforgettable references based in deep understanding of nature interconnected.

Avoiding 50 years of R+D in unions, by developing concepts for toys, instruments, fashion, event experiences, virtual reality, scripts or merchandising, as the developers can integrate the wisdom in any discipline.

The client becomes the union reference by receiving ‘a concept’ that is 70 years evolved in design, marketing, materials and respectful development.

For Love is Law to develop thousands of jobs through creators, IT developers, producers, educators, policy makers, lawyers, restorers, we ask for brave clients that want to develop transcendental experiences, by using content, tools and devices that support a paradigm shift in the users. We have designed an entire industry of content to develop mindful interconnection with nature.

To inspire the developers to create content for good, for fraternity, for awareness to thrive by the users, and develop a better world where people act based in unification.

We have a background in design and production of campaigns, social engineering, peace culture development, brand engagement, restorative devices, cooperative events, and promotional tours.

So now we aim to add new physics and ancient knowledge with the ultimate technology, to normalise the implementation of frequency as standard, and a mindful state of presence.

Peace can only exist without memory in the middle, so presence is the state that allows love to act with intelligence, by perceiving reality unified as it is.


All the Vr scenarios are uploaded as videos here: https://www.evalution.net/love-is-law

Including the one that describes love by maths and the gears of thinking limiting presence perception.
Dr Hawkins Map of Consciousness: https://www.amazon.de/Map-Consciousness-Explained-Actualize-Potential/dp/1788175247/

A showcase the gears of thinking in the web of the master of gifted minds: https://www.hkrdi.org/en/human-perception/

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