danielle alice desanges aucéane thiam mékà de goguenheim

exponential technologies and ethics


17 may 2021

Danielle shares her journey from telecom engineer to pursuing her purpose of empowering and leading with exponential technologies and ethics. We discuss how the OpenExO and Purpose Alliance communities have enabled her to connect with new ways of learning from around the world.  She shares her view that our collective mindset needs to shift from victim to victor before we are able to truly benefit from exponential possibilities.  This episode is part of the Purpose Alliance, OpenExO and BostonExO series.


I am Danielle Alice Desanges Aucéane THIAM MÉKÀ de GOGUENHEIM.  I am from Cameroon, Central Africa. I am French speaking, but my parents brought me up speaking my native language, Bafoussam, but also French, English and German. With a dad being Social and Corporate Educator, and a mum being nurse, surounded by 8 younger siblings I have been educated to always show the good example. I am consequently always driven by the need and the duty to pave the way for others, while being the best version of myself. I love taking care of myself and my home sweet home; and always find a reason to invite 2 or a hundred of friends at home for a convivial friendly-style dinner at home

Danielle is telecommunications engineer with background in STEAM, but today my education reaches well beyond that scope.

Danielle has worked over 13 years in ITC in my country Cameroon, but always noticed the digital gap persistently existing between low-income countries and the developed world. Meanwhile, exponential technologies, these major trends that are driving and shaping the global economy are the most fertile ground for value creation, improvement, development and growth.

Over the last two years, Danielle has been:

  • Networking;
  • Unlocking, developing and strengthening her capabilities;
  • Learning new skills through reskilling and upskilling.

All these have opened new opportunities to expand her professional network, enhanced her leadership, social and people skills and accelerated her desire to make an impact.

Her personal goal for 2021 is to lay the groundwork to build and develop an environment based around her purpose: Empowering and Leading with Exponential Technologies and Ethics
In a nutshell, growing a business around this purpose.
Her daily mission is to meet interesting people, address challenging situations that will help her grow and find ways to pursue my purpose and passion, while making a reasonable, sustainable, happy and healthy living for herself, and for others.

Always committed to being the best version of herself, Danielle is driven by the necessity to share with others, receive feedback and, make a positive impact on individuals, organizations, industries and the world.


Discover the Regnerate 365 programme which Danielle spoke about during the conversation: https://bostonexo.com/regen365

This episode is part of the Purpose Alliance series.

Purpose Alliance is a not-for-profit organization focused on inspiring people to unlock their potential by making everyone aware they are extraordinary and providing them with the mindset and toolkit to make an impact.

This episode is part of the OpenExO series.

OpenExO is the global transformation ecosystem with more than 6,700 coaches, investors, consultants and innovation specialists helping organizations, institutions and people unlock abundance to change the world.

This episode is part of the BostonExO series.

BostonExO is New England’s first Exponential Organization (ExO) incubator which helps companies thrive through continuous business model innovation.

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