chris parker

business simplifier + digital accelerator


Who are you, what do you do, and why?

My purpose, my mission, is to create more joy and meaning in work around the world through the pursuit of simplicity. This comes in many forms, including financial performance, but more importantly the development and growth of the people that I work with.

This drive came from years of experience.  I initially started believing that I needed to help people succeed.  However, I learned over time that I couldn’t take responsibility for the success of others – I can only contribute to the space and environment where people can perform their best.

Some of my most proud moments have been speaking with people who worked with me years ago and they comment that it was at that time of their career when they learned the most.  I love that.

How do you maintain focus on what is most important for your business? is the manifestation of my mission.  I believe that too many people suffer in their professional journey because they lack access to basic business skills and knowledge.  I will continue to simplify otherwise complex topics and share those with people who can benefit.

There is also a huge community of collaborators, and I look forward to sharing these messages through their communities while giving them a platform to shine and expand on 

Ebullient, the word, is also part of making the promise, as the definition of that means both joyful and rough.  Isn’t that the life of  an entrepreneur or executive?

How do you ensure your business continues to grow?

Throughout my career, in pretty much every role, I have been working  with really good people to achieve something challenging.  We didn’t always succeed, but we always had an incredible adventure.

I look forward to becoming more than only a business coaching portal.  I would love it if we had a wide variety of experts investing their time and knowledge to benefit the community, and earning a fair rewards for the efforts.

Ideally, we will find ways to decouple the education and transformation from someones physical hour of time.  We will continue to apply exponential technologies and thinking to bring the value to the widest possible audience.

How do you continuously deliver efficiently and effectively?

The dream of is many years in the making, however the brand and message were launched just as Covid hit the world in 2020.  I was confronted with the need, the urge, to help people.  The Simplicity Scan was the best way to help people at scale. continues to evolve, through the different ways people can use the tools in a ‘do it yourself’ approach.  Over time, we will release more ways for people to learn and grow, such as online courses and masterminds.

How do you manage your own personal energy to keep moving forward?

As an entrepreneur with a constant portfolio of activities, managing my energy has always been a challenge.

Fortunately, I have been able to benefit from the coaching and advice from experts and friends who have been able to help me achieve a state of harmony.  I don’t call it balance, because it never is, however I am able to stay in touch with the harmony of my energy over time.

This has brought me to a place of gratitude and abundance, and have been filled with a sense of urgency to create these experiences that enable growth.

In fact, it was this journey which inspired me to create the Simplicity Scan and Simplicity Sprint over time.  Instead of ‘making it up’ each time I was asked to advise an entrepreneur or get involved in a project myself, I realised there were patterns that I kept seeing and reading about.  Now this is free for you to use and benefit from as well.

Shall we  grow together?

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