what is your corona spring strategy?

“Half of private sector may not survive COVID-19 crisis” cbs.nl

COVID-19 and the Corona Crisis have impacted every business in every industry in unprecedented ways.  As we slowly shake off the shock and the emergency response to the situation…  what’s next?  What is your next normal?  What is your corona spring strategy?

We have prepared a series of 15 questions, based on the Simplicity Scan, to help trigger your thinking about how you and your business needs to adapt.

Formulating the Corona Spring Strategy for your business can be as easy as answer the below fifteen questions.  These are based on the Simplicity Scan, which you can download blow for free:

1. Do you have the right mindset?

As the dynamics of our marketplaces are changing dramatically, have you adjusted your mindset from scarcity to abundance in order to see the new opportunities?

2. Are you able to communicate quickly?

Do you have a process in place to ensure the next best actions you decide are clear to everyone involved and allow you to change direction quickly when required?

3. Have you agreed the possible risk scenarios?

There are endless opinions about whether the recovery will be U, V, L or other shapes. Do you have regularly scheduled times to assess the new and emerging risks to your customers, employees and the rest of your business?

4. Has your purpose evolved due to the crisis?

Now that your business has been put under extreme pressure, have you lived up to what you thought the purpose of your business was before the crisis? Have you discovered a different, perhaps more meaningful, reason for your business to exist?

5. Have you discovered insights about your customers?

As we have all gone through this crisis together with our customers, have you learned more about the real pains and gains experienced by your still loyal customers?

6. Have you adapted or simplified your product?

Many businesses simplified their products and services in order to reduce cost or to increase volume. Should these changes you implemented be made permanent? What should return to how things used to operate?

7. Can you maintain your customer journey with social distancing?

Has your designed customer journey held up under the pressure of the last few months? Are you able to further improve your customer journey in order to make it safe for your customers and employees?

8. Have you reduced your planning horizons?

Long-term planning has been rendered useless. Do you have a portfolio of plans based on possible scenarios? Do you have a way to communicate changes of strategy quickly and transparently?

9. Can you avoid adding back unnecessary bureaucracy?

Regular reporting and performance management has most likely been compressed to the bare minimum during the crisis. What bureaucracy from the past has been proven unnecessary, and can you avoid bringing it back into the organization.

10. Are there new markets you can reach at a distance?

With the introduction of delivering products and services at a distance and virtually, are there new markets which are open to you? Is there new competition arriving unexpectedly?

11. Is your brand still relevant?

Has your brand remained relevant during the crisis or does it need to be fundamentally adapted to the next normal?

12. Can you improve the health and safety of your people?

Have you earned loyalty with your people by working hard to ensure their emotional, physical and financial safety, or is serious leadership work required to regain their trust?

13. Can you improve the safety and availability of your data?

Has your data proven to be securely accessible by people who need to access it from a distance, such as working from home or from alternative office spaces?

14. Are there any temporary tools which should be made permanent?

Many businesses have adopted new collaboration tooling during the crisis. Will you maintain these as new standards, or do you need to further invest to improve formal and informal communication between people?

15. Can you keep your processes simple?

Are any of the process changes made during the crisis proving to have improved productivity structurally? Should these now be considered the new standard procedure, or is more work required to achieve the next normal on how you work?

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