Over the past couple of years Chris has helped me to transform and improve our IT and project organisation. His human approach to challenge and coach everyone to grow through simplicity is super refreshing and effective.

Chief Operating Officer

I have the privilege of working with Chris Parker as my leadership coach since becoming IT Director, and his impact on my professional growth has been remarkable. Chris’ vision, experience, and knowledge are invaluable assets that you can rely on.  He has an exceptional ability to simplify complex situations, helping me navigate the intricacies of our ever-evolving Business Technology landscape. Chris is not just a coach but an efficient sparring partner, always challenging me to think critically and strategically.  His unwavering commitment to placing people at the core of every initiative ensures that our solutions are not only efficient but also genuinely human-centered and user-centric.

IT Director

What stands out about Chris is his deeply human approach to leadership. He has this innate ability to engage with people in a way that allows their passion and professionalism to truly shine. Chris’s ability to seamlessly align all teams with business goals ensures that our organization continues to innovate and create value.  But Chris doesn’t just stop at being an exceptional leader and executive. His role as a business design coach and consultant is where his human-centric approach flourishes. Witnessing how he supports and guides leaders through personal coaching and team alignment, especially during times of change, is deeply inspiring. It’s clear that his involvement leads to more coherent and empowered leadership within the company.

Product Manager
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