Leadership Development

The Leadership Development program is designed for a business leader that is inspired to take their own satisfaction and impact on others to the next level.  The program is perfect for a leader that has transitioned into a new role or is leading a transformational change in the organization.  The coaching program is inspired by the Simple Business Design framework while the primary focus is the success and performance of the individual leader (which can be an executive, manager or entrepreneur).

Your Outcomes

The business leader participating in the coaching program will achieve the following outcomes…

  • Clarity about your role in leading this organization and how to influence the business design to increase performance,
  • Confidence about your own mindset and how to improve collaboration with strategic stakeholders.
  • Control and peace of mind through understanding the risks to the business and how to inspire others.

Our Journey

The Leadership Development program is based on 10 sessions over the course of three months.  We begin with a structured start with a clear agreement on goals to be achieved and your current confidence levels on different dimensions of your business.

Each of the sessions can be inspired by the business areas of the Simple Business Design framework. However, we provide ourselves full freedom to work on your specific topics.  Toward the end of the journey, we work together to ensure the outcomes of the coaching are embedded and will continue to add value to you and your business.

The Investment

The most significant investment you will need to make is with your own time and attention, which is incredibly valuable. Each of the coaching sessions is 90 minutes and there may be homework such as validating topics with others and reflecting on concepts between the sessions.

The Leadership Development program costs EUR 5000 (excl. VAT) for the ten 90-minute coaching sessions.  Additional coaching is EUR 350-500 (excl. VAT) per hour depending on the type and scale of the organization.


Working with Ebullient is exactly what I needed to grow my business. I was confused with the direction to take my work, and this drained my mental and physical energy. This programme has cleared my thinking and revitalised my energy to give my business the boost it needs. This is definitely a programme that will continue to allow my business to grow whilst being aligned with my vision.

Ljuba Lapre

Chris is an extremely generous person and a talented coach. The Simple Business Canvas he designed has helped me gain clarity and confidence in my business strategy as an entrepreneur. Chris uses a powerful balance of coaching techniques and business advice. I would recommend his program to anyone who feels lost in complexity and needs to gain clarity on their strategy. His own pursuit of simplicity is tangible and infused in his approach. Simple questions, simple observations, simple actions. This has made me feel lighter and more focused throughout the journey.

Charlotte Mader

A great program for keeping an eye on your business and keeping on track!  Things became much clearer for me after using this canvas.  I saw new connections between different parts of my business and made some significant improvements.  It made me think about things which are not daily routine but are very important!

Corina Evers
van beek

These are confusing times. If you want to get rid of the clutter and focus on what will really help you to accelerate your business have a look at the ebullient canvas as we did for two businesses. Chris, with whom we have worked before, has guided us through the process and helped us to focus on what will really push us forward. The outcome: simplicity of strategy and clarity of execution. If you want a few days of fun and innovation, Chris is your guy!

Jessica van Beek

What stands out about Chris is his deeply human approach to leadership. He has this innate ability to engage with people in a way that allows their passion and professionalism to truly shine. Chris’s ability to seamlessly align all teams with business goals ensures that our organization continues to innovate and create value.  But Chris doesn’t just stop at being an exceptional leader and executive. His role as a business design coach and consultant is where his human-centric approach flourishes. Witnessing how he supports and guides leaders through personal coaching and team alignment, especially during times of change, is deeply inspiring. It’s clear that his involvement leads to more coherent and empowered leadership within the company.

Ihab Tag
Product Manager

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