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five steps to simplicity

Welcome to the ‘five steps to simplicity’!  These next few pages will provide you with the high level process to get the most out of your simple business canvas work. members are able to save their progress and see on the menu how they are progressing through the five steps.    If you are logged in a member, you will see ‘mark complete + next step’ just below this text.  When ready, click that button and you will be automatically taken to the next step.

You may join the Simplifiers Community for free, which includes member access.  All coaching experiences include members access as well.

If you are not logged in, please press the ‘next step’ button to  proceed.


Need help accelerating your business performance? provides various coaching experiences to help you ranging from a business review of your canvas to our one-on-one Elite Accelerator program.  Let's simplify together!

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