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five steps to simplicity

Simplify your business by writing full sentences for each area of the canvas.  Keep your sentences within the space allowed.  Avoid using bullet points or lists.  Keep questions in the canvas if you aren’t able to answer at this time.

Reflect on the simplified canvas alone and with others.  Keep working on this process until it feels good for you.  It will never be perfect, and you can repeat the journey when you need to.

If you would like feedback on your canvas, we have a Business Review service designed to provide that.  Once you have your canvas completed, you can upload it for our review.

If you a logged in member, please click ‘mark complete + next step’ below.  If you are not logged in, please click the ‘next step’ button.

Need help accelerating your business performance? provides various coaching experiences to help you ranging from a business review of your canvas to our one-on-one Elite Accelerator program.  Let's simplify together!

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