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five steps to simplicity


Have an opportunity or challenge regarding your business in mind while answering the questions.  Have an extra notebook or document ready as you may want to take notes while you are working.

Typically this is to solve some sort of issue or make a decision such as starting a new business or launching a new product.

As this is a journey of discovery and creativity, start with some blank pieces of paper, stickie notes or a notebook and use a different section for each of the areas of the canvas.

Determine the best time and place for you to do this type of work and plan this time in your agenda

It is helpful to have people to discuss and challenge your canvas while you work on it.  The very best people to discuss your canvas with are current or potential customers.  You can also select people such as your trusted advisors or business coaches.  Look for people who care for you and will give you their honest feedback and opinions.

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