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five steps to simplicity

An ongoing business is never finished, and neither is your canvas.  Share your canvas with others to get new perspectives and continue to review it to see when it needs an update. Reflect on how you can use this for more confidence, clarity and control of your business.  Celebrate!

Make notes in your agenda when you expect you will be reviewing your business progress.  You can also update your canvas once your Plan or Actions are complete or when you have a breakthrough.   Keep your canvas up to date to make sure it all still feels good when you are making changes.

What’s next?  The bottom of the canvas – the Momentum domain – is what you need to pay attention to.  In particular, there is a list of short term Actions which you can start right now!

If you are inspired to take the Simple Business Canvas to a whole new level, we have an exclusive Elite Accelerator experience where you will be coached through a journey designed to bring you clarity, confidence and control.

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Need help accelerating your business performance? provides various coaching experiences to help you ranging from a business review of your canvas to our one-on-one Elite Accelerator program.  Let's simplify together!

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