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simple business canvas guides

helpful validation questions

Once you have completed the canvas and simplified your thoughts in each of the sections, check your thinking with the below validation questions.

specific checks

Have you included yourself in your Team?

Did you include ‘cash flow’ as an important Tool?

Do you Monitor your performance of achieving the Purpose of the business?

vertical checks

Is your Mindset fully described to achieve what you have described in the Focus domain?

Do the Actions reflect the things you must do soon to achieve what you described in your Growth domain?

Have you captured all the Risks which might prevent you from efficiently using the areas in your Delivery domain?

horizontal checks

Compare Purpose and Team – will your purpose attract the right team members to make your business successful?

Compare Experience and Process – will your internal processes create the meaningful external experience for your customers?

Compare Mindset and Risks – does your mindset allow you to proceed with improving your business while managing the risks along the way?

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