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simple business canvas

guide for scale-ups and growth businesses

The below guide is designed for people working on scale-ups or established businesses which are growing.

Scale-ups should pay most attention to the Growth domain of the canvas (Plan, Market, Monitor and Brand) and the Actions area of Momentum. You should have a high level of confidence in the Focus domain of the canvas before you begin a growth strategy.

If you do not what to answer in one of the areas, then include a question or a list of possibilities and then add actions to the Momentum domain to answer these points.

This guide is best used when following the steps outlined as part of the ‘five steps to simplicity’:

focus – knowing your promise


What impact does your business make on its customers and the environment?

  • How does your team maintain clear focus on the things which enable growth?
  • Can you rewrite your purpose to ensure that children and grandparents would understand the purpose of your business?


Who are the perfect customers for your business and what job does your business do for them?

  • What additional pains and gains can you solve for your existing customers?
  • What are three personas – in detail such as imaginary names, ages and backgrounds – which describe perfect customers for this business?


What products or services does the business provide and how does it capture value?

  • Are there features of your product or service which are not required by your customers right now?
  • Can the pricing strategy for the product or service be simplified to make it easier for customers to buy?


What is the journey the customers experience and what emotions do they remember?

  • Is there anything about your customer experience which is not in line with your purpose?
  • How can your customers use your product or service every day?

mindset check

  • What aspects of your mindset do you need to continue or improve to achieve the above?

growth – sharing your promise


What major achievements are required to bring this business to the next level?

  • What can you stop doing now in order to focus on growing your business?
  • If growing your business quickly was extremely easy, what would that process look like?


How is the performance of the business measured and what are the targets?

  • How can you monitor and reduce the risk of bad debt from customers?
  • What is the one measurement that matters the most to your business right now?


What are the markets, channels and competition of this business?

  • Can you limit your physical or digital locations to only places where your customers are located?
  • What existing communities or crowds can your business connect with to reach more customers?


What is the unique style of the brand and how is this message shared?

  • What is the emotional relationship that your business will co-create with the customers?
  • What simple proof points can you provide to create more trust with your customers?

​actions check

  • List any specific actions you need to complete on the short term to achieve the above.

delivery – fulfilling your promise


Who are the people with the skills required to make your business a success

  • What can you do to remove unhealthy tension or conflict within the team?
  • How can your business use ‘staff on demand’, interim staff or ‘pay for results’ arrangements instead of employment?


What data or information is required or created by your business?

  • How can you remove data if it is not necessary or comes with unacceptable legal or reputation risks?
  • What data can you share between your business and others automatically with interfaces?


What assets, materials, technology or funding does the business require?

  • What tools or assets owned by other people or companies can you use instead of buying your own?
  • How can you simplify your operations in order to require less capacity?


What are the most important processes of the business?

  • Can you describe the process of selling where you know one unit of investment will result in more than one unit of sales?
  • How can you further optimise the conversion process of prospects to customers?

​risks check

  • Are there any serious risks you can imagine while completing the above?

momentum – managing your energy


What beliefs and attitudes do you need to succeed?

  • What are you avoiding which needs to happen for your business to move forward?
  • Can you describe the ideal behaviours which will create the culture for your business to succeed?


What are the short-term actions you can complete quickly?

  • What actions can you delegate to others in order for you to focus on what is most important?
  • Are you working too much ‘in’ the business and not enough ‘on’ the business?


What are the main risks and how can you manage them?

  • How will you balance quality of your delivery while increasing your pace of growth?
  • How can you simplify or adapt your business model to ensure continued success?

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