start your simplicity journey

welcome to the five steps to simplicity


This brief section introduces you to how to use the experience most effectively.  Let’s get started on your journey of simplifying in order to accelerate your business performance!


Have an opportunity or challenge regarding your business in mind while answering the questions.  Have an extra notebook or document ready as you may want to take notes while you are working.


Quickly go through all the areas of the canvas and write the most obvious answers that come to you.  If you have questions or uncertainties, write those questions as reminder to solve them later.


In your ideal place for focused work, go through the canvas again multiple times and make notes of the thoughts and questions you have about your business.  It is not required to answer the questions in any particular order. 


Simplify your business by writing full sentences for each area of the canvas.  Keep your sentences within the space allowed.  Avoid using bullet points or lists.  Keep questions in the canvas if you aren’t able to answer at this time.


An ongoing business is never finished, and neither is your canvas.  Share your canvas with others to get new perspectives and continue to review it to see when it needs an update. Reflect on how you can use this for more confidence, clarity and control of your business.  Celebrate!


Teams can complete the canvas either collectively and discuss each answer together or as individuals and then consolidate after everyone has completed their own version.

next steps

Completing the Simple Business Canvas is only as valuable as the insights and decisions made through the process.  Let’s close with some recommended next steps to continue to simplify your thinking to accelerate your business.

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