what’s your corona spring strategy?

create clarity, confidence and control 

“This is exactly what I need to grow my business.”

“The experience was super helpful as I pushed through a pivot in our strategy.”

“I saw new connections between different parts of my business and made significant improvements.”

It is my mission to ensure you are able to say these same things about your business after the corona crisis passes.  The Simplicity Scan framework and the Accelerator coaching experiences have been proven in the past and are urgently needed to help you succeed now.

Uncertainty is (still!) the new normal.  We always knew this time would come. We called it VUCA – “volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.”  I never imagined it would come in the form of a virus that accelerates the need to adapt so fundamentally and so urgently.

The crisis has provided me with the time and space to consolidate years of management, coaching and consulting work into Ebullient.com.  Available to you to simplify your thinking to accelerate your business is…

  1. Ebullient.com created to help people like you succeed and where you can easily book a discover call,
  2. The Simplicity Scan, a one page document to help you simplify your thinking to accelerate your business,
  3. The Five Steps to Simplicity process, again free, to give you guidance on how to best complete the scan,
  4. The Elite and Team Accelerator coaching experiences, available to provide intimate support on your journey, 
  5. Ebullient.com Simplifiers community, recently launched on Facebook, to help you connect with other entrepreneurs, and soon…
  6. The Podcast where I will interview entrepreneurs like you about how they simplify their business for success!

Read more about all of these possibilities below!  Start by getting the Simplicity Scan canvas now for free!

The Simplicity Scan is the most direct way to develop your Corona Spring strategy.  Download the canvas and fill it out for your business as it will be after the crisis.  The next section has the Five Steps to Simplicity process, also for free, to help you complete your canvas!

Ebullient.com needs the information you provide to inform you about products and services to help you succeed.  You may unsubscribe at any time.  Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

everything you need to accelerate

the five steps to simplicity

The Five Steps to Simplicity is a free online journey to guide you through the Simplicity Scan process.  Making things simple is not always easy, and these steps will really help you make progress!  The steps in summary are:

1. prepare

2. orient

3. discover

4. simplify

5. enjoy


The Five Steps to Simplicity process will help you create your Corona Spring strategy by providing you a structured and guided journey to help you complete the Simplicity Scan.  Included in the Five Steps are various helpful resources like special questions to consider for the type of business you are managing.

Click the five steps button below to go through the process!

introducing the accelerators

accelerate your corona spring strategy

The Elite Accelerate is an intimate 12 steps coaching experience for an entrepreneur which is designed to achieve the most clarity, confidence and control in a limited amount of time.

The Team Accelerator program is an intense 5 step coaching experience  for a leadership team which includes expert guidance to ensure you achieve the desired outcomes.

Each of the steps are designed to be completed as quickly as your team can move, and we can adapt the time and structure to meet your specific needs.


Using the simple business canvas was simple, quick and insightful. Chris guided us carefully to build it up in steps and iterate so that the final version feels robust. It makes a coherent, focused plan to achieve strategic aims faster while taking account of the realities on the ground. Chris has a talent for fostering teamwork while clearly identifying pain points and addressing them; and creates a fun atmosphere to accomplish work.

Simon Brod

I can highly recommend trying out the simple business canvas. Not only does it help you as an entrepreneur to ask yourself the right questions on what you’d like to achieve, but also it facilitates you to make the connection to how and with whom you’d like to achieve this for your business. I does it with utmost simplicity and it does not take a lot of your time.   It does focuses on the key topics you always need to take into account and balance when starting, growing or improving your organisation (big and small). In this way it will support and accelerate your own thought and decision making process.

Michiel Ooms

Working with Ebullient is exactly what I needed to grow my business. I was confused with the direction to take my work, and this drained my mental and physical energy. This programme has cleared my thinking and revitalised my energy to give my business the boost it needs. This is definitely a programme that will continue to allow my business to grow whilst being aligned with my vision.

Ljuba Lapre

A great program for keeping an eye on your business and keeping on track!  Things became much clearer for me after using this canvas.  I saw new connections between different parts of my business and made some significant improvements.  It made me think about things which are not daily routine but are very important!

Corina Evers

Frequently reflecting on your company is a must for every entrepreneur, but often falls short due to everyday challenges. Working with the simple business canvas of ebullient was an easy entrance to straighten and refresh my thoughts on my changing business environment. It is both a simple and a confronting process, though insightful and powerful. I’m convinced that it will accelerate your business as well.  You will love the way Chris leads you through the process. He has the ability to ask the right questions at the right time and provides a trusted and fun atmosphere to get the best output for you, your team and your customers.

Lars Falch
van beek

These are confusing times. If you want to get rid of the clutter and focus on what will really help you to accelerate your business have a look at the ebullient canvas as we did for two businesses. Chris, with whom we have worked before, has guided us through the process and helped us to focus on what will really push us forward. The outcome: simplicity of strategy and clarity of execution. If you want a few days of fun and innovation, Chris is your guy!

Jessica van Beek

I was skeptical at first, being a serial entrepreneur with four companies under my belt. However, the Ebullient experience was super helpful as I pushed through a pivot in our strategy. Working with Ebullient felt like a conversation to me. I’d answer someone else’s questions, and that would give me new ideas (super quickly) to ponder. It felt much faster and more certain than just thinking through things alone. If you need to change directions (or set your first direction), I recommend Ebullient!

M. Wittenstein

the accelerators are perfect for


  • entrepreneurs and start-up teams who need to pivot their proposition and capabilities in order to take  advantage of new opportunities.
  • owners and management teams of scale-up and growing businesses which need to ensure continuity for their staff and customers.
  • executive teams of corporates who need to quickly revalidate the fundamentals of their organisation and immediately provide clarity to their ecosystem.

The Elite and Team Accelerators are experiences crafted to ensure you have developed a meaningful and impactful Corona Spring strategy to ensure your business will continue to grow and thrive.

let’s simplify together

join the crowd of simplifiers

The Ebullient.com Simplifiers Community is a recently created Facebook group for entrepreneurs like you to share and learn your experiences.  Simplifying your business is really valuable, however is not easy.  Post your questions about how you are completing your Simplicity Scan and inspire others which your insights.

Through share your opportunities and experience, we will continue to learn, grow and help each other succeed.  


Truly understanding the mindset required to achieve your personal and professional goals related to your business.


Having made specific decisions about what actions to take – and what actions to not take – in order to grow your business.


The feeling of control through quantifying any risks, and discovering ways to minimise the potential impact or even use these risks to your advantage.

The Ebullient.com Simplifiers community will help you with your Corona Spring strategy by giving you a place to reflect and challenge you thinking with others that also understand the power of simplicity and are using the Simplicity Scan.

there is no better time

the refreshingly simple podcast

Everyday Entrepreneurs Everywhere is the refreshingly simple podcast where real entrepreneurs share their secrets on how they focus, grow, deliver and maintain momentum.  

Guests are entrepreneurs, meaning people who have started and have run a business with enough income to sustain their lifestyle of choice.  This includes expert speakers and consultants as well as store and restaurant owners.  

The podcast is coming very soon.  If there is someone who you would love to recommend us to interview, let us know!

chris parker

your host!

  • business accelerator
  • technology executive
  • startup incubator mentor
  • presenter and moderator
  • film producer


The podcast will help you with your Corona Spring strategy because you will be able to hear how others are overcoming challenging and thriving with new opportunities.

The podcast is coming very soon.  If there is someone who you would love to recommend us to interview, let us know!

dare to accelerate right now!