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the power of simplicity

accelerate your business performance

“This is exactly what I need to grow my business.”

“The experience was super helpful as I pushed through a pivot in our strategy.”

“I saw new connections between different parts of my business and made significant improvements.” exists to help more entrepreneurs be able to have the same experiences of growth.  Too often, people are paralyzed by fear and confusion before they start.   Those that do take the leap find themselves being owned by the very thing that was supposed to bring them freedom.  Let’s bring clarity, confidence and control back into your relationship with your business!

One thing is certain, your business won’t accelerate on its own.  Challenges and opportunities will continue to confront you, demanding you make the right decisions quickly.  Let’s simplify your thinking and your strategy to accelerate your decision making and performance.  Overcome significant challenge, such as…

  • ensuring you have cash flow optimised for survival
  • providing a meaningful and valuable experience for your customers
  • ever changing regulation and compliance demands
  • attracting and keeping the best talent

Do you have the clarity, confidence and control regarding your business?  Are you working far too much ‘in’ your business instead of working ‘on’ your business.  Isn’t it time to have your business work for you?

introducing the elite accelerator

designed for everyday entrepreneurs everywhere

The Elite Accelerator program is an intense 12 step coaching experience which includes six months of expert guidance to ensure you achieve the desired outcomes.  Each of the steps are designed to be completed on a weekly basis, however the program is flexible for those who want to accelerate even faster.


Frequently reflecting on your company is a must for every entrepreneur, but often falls short due to everyday challenges. Working with the simple business canvas of ebullient was an easy entrance to straighten and refresh my thoughts on my changing business environment. It is both a simple and a confronting process, though insightful and powerful. I’m convinced that it will accelerate your business as well.  You will love the way Chris leads you through the process. He has the ability to ask the right questions at the right time and provides a trusted and fun atmosphere to get the best output for you, your team and your customers.

Lars Falch

Using the simple business canvas was simple, quick and insightful. Chris guided us carefully to build it up in steps and iterate so that the final version feels robust. It makes a coherent, focused plan to achieve strategic aims faster while taking account of the realities on the ground. Chris has a talent for fostering teamwork while clearly identifying pain points and addressing them; and creates a fun atmosphere to accomplish work.

Simon Brod

I can highly recommend trying out the simple business canvas. Not only does it help you as an entrepreneur to ask yourself the right questions on what you’d like to achieve, but also it facilitates you to make the connection to how and with whom you’d like to achieve this for your business. I does it with utmost simplicity and it does not take a lot of your time.   It does focuses on the key topics you always need to take into account and balance when starting, growing or improving your organisation (big and small). In this way it will support and accelerate your own thought and decision making process.

Michiel Ooms

Working with Ebullient is exactly what I needed to grow my business. I was confused with the direction to take my work, and this drained my mental and physical energy. This programme has cleared my thinking and revitalised my energy to give my business the boost it needs. This is definitely a programme that will continue to allow my business to grow whilst being aligned with my vision.

Ljuba Lapre

A great program for keeping an eye on your business and keeping on track!  Things became much clearer for me after using this canvas.  I saw new connections between different parts of my business and made some significant improvements.  It made me think about things which are not daily routine but are very important!

Corina Evers

I was skeptical at first, being a serial entrepreneur with four companies under my belt. However, the Ebullient experience was super helpful as I pushed through a pivot in our strategy. Working with Ebullient felt like a conversation to me. I’d answer someone else’s questions, and that would give me new ideas (super quickly) to ponder. It felt much faster and more certain than just thinking through things alone. If you need to change directions (or set your first direction), I recommend Ebullient!

M. Wittenstein
van beek

These are confusing times. If you want to get rid of the clutter and focus on what will really help you to accelerate your business have a look at the ebullient canvas as we did for two businesses. Chris, with whom we have worked before, has guided us through the process and helped us to focus on what will really push us forward. The outcome: simplicity of strategy and clarity of execution. If you want a few days of fun and innovation, Chris is your guy!

Jessica van Beek

the elite accelerator is perfect for


  • entrepreneurs who have a strong concept for a business and are ready to get it created and moving quickly.
  • entrepreneurs who have already started or have a small business and want to boost their performance.
  • executives or managers who are looking for a fresh perspective on how to expand their existing business.

let’s simplify together

chris parker


  • business accelerator
  • technology executive
  • startup incubator mentor
  • presenter and moderator
  • film producer


Dedicated to accelerating your business, Chris discovered early on in his career that his super-power was seeing the big picture of a business and knowing instinctively what was working or not.  His holistic view enabled him to create practical and creative solutions to what others thought were complex, even impossible, problems.

The power of simplicity was really discovered when he was the Director of Expansion for a financial services multinational.  The CEO invited him to focus his structural problem solving abilities on opening new businesses around the world.  When he interviewed over twenty people who had been involved with previous projects, the advice was abundantly clear: keep it simple.  Chris, with an excellent team from the head office and top people hired in the country, were able to execute a new business start-up which was break-even far sooner than any of the other 30+ country offices had ever achieved.

On the flip side, Chris has also experienced his share of failures.  For example, another corporate funded startup had the luxury of a top team of brilliant managers.  However, regardless of the pedigree of the team involved, they were never able to simplify the proposition to really stick in the market.

Through all these experiences, including producing feature films and mentoring start-ups, he began to see patterns emerge of what some businesses where doing well, and others weren’t.  This eventually evolved into the Simple Business Canvas, which was co-created with the help of countless others who benefited from the thinking over the years.

The Corona Crisis provided the motivation for Chris to re-package the canvas and make it available for businesses to use for free.  Now, more than ever, we need to simplify our thinking and help each other succeed.

the impact is incredible

Through receiving feedback and continually crafting and improving the program, we are certain that people ready to bring their business to the next level of performance will not be disappointed.


Truly understanding the mindset required to achieve your personal and professional goals related to your business.


Having made specific decisions about what actions to take – and what actions to not take – in order to grow your business.


The feeling of control through quantifying any risks, and discovering ways to minimise the potential impact or even use these risks to your advantage.

everything you need to accelerate

simplify to accelerate

The Elite Accelerator framework has been designed through a process of both joy and frustration.  The joy of supporting startups and corporates alike achieve their ambitions have provided plenty of insights into what to do. 

The unfortunate reality is many businesses are not so lucky.  In order to validate the framework, we have cross referenced our material with various other examples, experts and studies about why businesses fail.  The list is long, and some of the highlights are:

  • Failure to focus on the right customers with the right products at the right time,
  • Failure to balance growth ambitions with quality requirements and failure to monitor the market for signals
  • Failure to bring on the right team and investing too heavily in assets too early
  • Failure to make the hard decisions on a timely basis and respond to risks appropriately

There is no silver bullet to ensure every business will be a wild success, however we are confident that the common sense wisdom of history is available to you through the Elite Accelerator program.

save time

Save time by having clarity about what aspect of your business needs to be your top focus right now.

make money

Make more money by having confidence where to invest to achieve your growth objectives.

focus energy

Focus your energy by having control on the optimal effort required to deliver to your customers.

The Elite Accelerator has been designed and tested to bring you from your current state of thinking to a place where you have made deliberate decisions about your business.  The twelve step process follows the below path.  As you can see, we take the first half to explore your business beyond the immediate opportunities and challenges and then we provide support on making the final decisions.

There are four phases of the Elite Accelerator experience:

  1. discovery – explore your business and discover how the different parts are integrated
  2. simplify – challenging our thinking of how to magnify results through doing different or less
  3. validate – checking our assumptions and quantifying the impact of the simplified strategy
  4. accountability – ensuring you achieve the the accelerated performance you discover

A very important aspect of the Elite Accelerator is the validation of your decisions with prospects and customers before making a final roadmap.  Get ready to engage with some real people who have real opinions about your business!

but wait, there is more!

simple business canvas

As part of the structured content of the Elite Accelerator program, you will have completed a full Simple Business Canvas and make conscious decisions on what direction you will take your business.

accelerator community

During the program, you will have access to the exclusive Accelerator Community facebook group, where you can ask questions between our sessions.   This is an  incredible source of knowledge and inspiration  from other entrepreneurs and experts.

accountability partner

We will ask you to arrange an accountability partner for you to work with in addition to our sessions, and in addition we will schedule three monthly accountability sessions after you finish the 12 steps. This is to ensure you are getting the most benefit from your journey and to answer any new questions that may have arisen.

guaranteed acceleration

our promise to you

We are absolutely confident that a person who is determined to improve their business will benefit tremendously from the Elite Accelerator.    This program is NOT for people who are not serious about going deep into their business – and themselves – in order to create a better future.  We will work with you and adapt wherever possible to ensure you have an amazing experience.

With that said, we also do not want to take or keep the money of someone who truly did not receive any value from their effort.   Our guarantee program is very simple.  If you are absolutely dissatisfied, we will provide your money back if you complete the following steps within 90 days of the end of your program:

  1. You complete the program, do the work, and provide the assignments as evidence
  2. You take 30 days after the program to reflect on the insights gained
  3. You provide us with written suggestions on how we can improve

We can’t be any more fair than that!

why not start accelerating now?

“i don’t have the time to dedicate to improvement”

The only way you will be able to win back time for yourself, and to work on your business, is to take a structural approach to simplify and eliminate unnecessary tasks and projects.  We will make a prioritised inventory of your actions early in the program to help you manage your time.  The Elite Accelerator will help you get control of your time again.

“i don’t have a business degree, so i am not sure i will be able to keep up”

The Accelerator program and the Simple Business Canvas have been specifically designed to be used by industry experts and first time business owners.  We have done our best to avoid unnecessary jargon and will take the time to explain any new concepts during the journey.  The truly valuable business skills are common sense, and we have packaged that common sense into a program that is easy to understand and apply to your particular situation.

“i have too much on my plate, can’t add anything more”

Sounds like you need some clarity of what is important, confidence to make the right decision and control of your business – instead of your business controlling you.  The Elite Accelerator will take a few hours per week on average, and you will need to make time to do the work and focus on the material in order to get the most value.  I challenge you to pick some things from your to do list and stop doing them in order to make the time to get back in control.

“i can’t afford the program”

We have made it easy for people to benefit from the Simple Business Canvas framework and thinking with helpful “do it yourself” tools.  Click “get started for free” on the home page to access the instructions and templates.  When you are ready to take your business even further, get in touch and we would love to work with you!

“i don’t want to wait six months to benefit”

Starting on our very first session, you will have insights and actions you can apply immediately to your business.  The program is designed to increase momentum throughout the journey and ensure you continue to simplify to accelerate after the program is finished!

there is no better time

achieve confidence, clarity and control 

We can adapt the speed of the program to your specific needs, and will focus on your specific business opportunities and challenges. 

$3299 • €2999 • £2599

we have limited capacity

Due to the time dedication to this exclusive program, there is a limited number of entrepreneurs we can work with at any given time.  Let’s get started together to ensure we can work together and start bringing in the benefits quickly.

Schedule a call to discuss in more detail, or if you are ready to accelerate, sign up and we will get started.

dare to accelerate right now!